Simple.Data is a lightweight framework that uses the dynamic features of .NET 4 to provide an expressive, ORM-ish way of accessing and manipulating data without any of the code pre-generation and boilerplate required by other frameworks. In this section, we see why and how to get started with Simple.Data.

Where to get Simple.Data

Via nuGet

Currently, the best way to get Simple.Data into your project is using the nuGet package manager. Install the package for the specific adapter or provider you want to use, and NuGet will install the necessary dependencies automatically. For example, if you are using SQL Server in your project, just go to the Package Manager Console and run:

PM> Install-Package Simple.Data.SqlServer

This will install the Core package, the Ado adaptor package, and the Provider for SQL Server.

Via gitHub

If you do not have access to nuGet, Simple.Data.Core and all its adaptors and providers are hosted on, where you can either

Via OpenWrap

OpenWrap support for Simple.Data is planned, but not yet implemented.