[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Contains helper classes useful to the framework and to application developers.


Name Description
AssemblyExtensionsAssemblyExtensionsAssemblyExtensions Helpful extension methods for Assembly.
AsyncExtensionsAsyncExtensionsAsyncExtensions Extension methods for Async operations
ErrorHelperErrorHelperErrorHelper Used for writing error messages to a response.
ExportedTypeHelperExportedTypeHelperExportedTypeHelper For working with type reflection at runtime.
NameValueCollectionExNameValueCollectionExNameValueCollectionEx Extension method class for NameValueCollection.
ResponseExtensionsResponseExtensionsResponseExtensions Extension methods for IResponseIResponseIResponse.
StringHelpersStringHelpersStringHelpers Handy extensions for strings.
TaskHelperTaskHelperTaskHelper Helper methods for creating completed or faulted Tasks.
UriFromTypeUriFromTypeUriFromType Helper class to build URIs from a Handler's type


Name Description
IFileUtilityIFileUtilityIFileUtility Provides methods for working with files in an application server.
IPathUtilityIPathUtilityIPathUtility Provides methods for working with virtual paths in an application server.